About The Author

From his office, renowned historian and local author Harland Eastwood, Jr., ponders a current dilemma - what to do about history.

It is always the same question for Harland - what to do with the history he’s collected in over 50 years. During those years, Harland collected newspaper clippings, books, guides to bottles and where they came from, old photographs and city directories, even obtaining information from the ground itself through metal detecting. He started unraveling the tangled web of local history when he tackled his first mass-produced piece, Ritzville Auto History in 2004.

Since then Harland has published 18 books including Wild West Saloons of Ad- ams County 1885-1915, Herr Kanzler’s Kinder, Here Comes the Judge, Mercantile Memories, Barracks Buddies of the 249th, Pioneer Picnic Days on Crab Creek, Ritzville Round-Up and Fair, The Last Stage to Pasco, A Sacrifice not Forgotten, Lost, Welcome to Ritzville, Welcome to Ritzville Vol. II, and others.

His first foray into publishing was in 1986 and included a collection of family photos and recollections, the Kanzler Scrapbook, which he bound by hand in hard covers. Since then, Harland has spent countless hours researching history he has already collected while continuing to add pieces of information. And each time something is discovered, it opens the door for more questions. It’s that quest for knowledge and urge to answer those questions that keeps Harland going.

Even though Eastwood’s books are still relatively unknown, they can be found in various libraries and universities across the country. Included in the growing list are:

  • University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
  • Concordia University at Portland, Oregon, Center For Volga German Studies
  • Stanford University, Hoover Institute
  • Washington State Library, Office of Secretary of State, Tumwater, Washington
  • Spokane Public Library, Spokane, Washington
  • Ritzville Public Library, Ritzville, Washington
  • McCracken Public Library, Paducah, Kentucky
  • Everett Public Library, Everett, Washington
  • American Historical Society Of Ger- mans From Russia, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Library Of Congress

Eastwood’s talents are varied. Besides writing, he is an accomplished guitarist, master clockmaker (retired), and woodworker, as well as an old car buff. Harland has been playing guitar for over 50 years and is currently playing several times a week with the Grant and Adams County Chapter of the Old Time Fiddlers Association, and at various local and regional nursing homes, assisted living centers, Alzheimer’s facilities, and the Moses Lake Senior Center. Harland also plays with an independent group that meets monthly at the Community Center at George, Washington.

Harland operated his own clock repair shop for over 45 years before retiring about 2013. Harland also operated a custom woodworking shop in Seattle before moving t Ritzville in 1991. Besides custom woodworking, Eastwood specialized in reproduction Victorian furniture.

Harland has also owned and restored a number of antique and classic automobiles. Besides two 1938 Buicks, Harland still owns the first car he ever bought—a 1929 Model A Ford Fordor Sedan. Other hobbies include collecting,  restoring and writing with old fountain pens and collecting and repairing antique pocket watches and coin detecting just to name a few.

Harland's books provide in depth information about:

  • State history
  • Local History
  • lost history
  • forgotten history
  • historical facts
  • history resources
  • pacific northwest history
  • Washington History
  • Oregon history
  • Idaho history
  • historic data
  • rock climbing history
  • history of classic cars
  • history of Adams County WA
  • WWII pow
  • Snoqualmie Pass skiing history
  • Wheat farming history
  • History of Eastern Washington
  • Historic photographs
  • Washington fire lookout history
  • pre-prohibition history of Washington State
  • airmail history of Eastern Washington
  • Rodeo and Round-up history of Eastern Washington
  • Volga German history
  • Mountain rescue history of Washington State
  • History of 249th General Hospital during Viet Nam War
  • And MORE!