This book features many stories about old cars, including accounts of three different 1929 Model A Fords, a 1931 Model A, a 1930 Duesenberg, a 1929 Packard, a 1938 Buick, a 1941 Pontiac, a 1957 Alfa Romeao and others.  The author also records other stories about his adventures from grade school through high school, including several stories about summer camp.  The reader will find over 50 stories, 60 photos and graphics and nearly 200 pages.

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A collection of short stories that are a fun read for anyone who grew up and attended school during the 1950s and 1960s.  The stories contained in this book are from the author’s personal experiences.  Some stories  are not only interesting, but often humorous.  It should be noted that each and every story is factual.  Most of these stories were written at least ten years ago for a newsletter leading up to the author’s 50th class reunion of Glacier High School in South Seattle.  Some of the additional stories were written between 20 and 50 years ago.  Subject matter includes the author’s interest in cars, old cars to be more specific.  When I say old cars, I am referring to my first car, a 1929 Model A Ford.  This interest in old cars was also shared by many of the guys that we hung around with.  Readers will find an amazing story about a friend discovering a 1930 Duesenberg two blocks from the authors home in South Seattle.  While the old “Duesy” was not for sale, there are stories about this same friend who later found and purchased a 1931 Model A Ford and a 1929 Packard.  Other stories depict unusual events that took place while attending Jr. High and Highschool.  Additional stories took place within a few years after graduation.  The author also shares his recollections of early locally produced Seattle television shows aimed at kids, as well as network broadcasts such as The Mickey Mouse Club and others.  One of the author’s hobbies included hunting for old bottles, which provided the author with many recollections of his adventures.  The book is softbound with a gloss cover, measures 51/2 inches wide by 813/8 inches long, and contains 195 pages with over 50 stories.  If you grew up during the 1950s and 1960s (especially in South Seattle), love old cars, then this book should bring back many fond memories.

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